A little bit of a backstory to get started here.  I graduated college back in the mid 2000’s from a small liberal arts college in Charleston, SC.  I went through the usual 20s phase of paying off ~$35,000 in student loans, struggling through early career jobs, buying a first house and finding out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Now 12 years later I’m free of my student loan debt, married, and on our second house.  The past decade has taken me on the typical corporate career path.  Changing jobs every 4 – 5 years, making steady advancements and watching my 401k slowly grow to respectable levels.

Enter MoneyBaby

Suddenly everything I thought I wanted and thought I knew went out the window.  A career path that once once rewarding is suddenly robbing me of time with MoneyBaby.

Follow along as we reinvent our financial future and build a life with the freedom to watch our child grow.

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