How to Save Some Cash (And Sanity) When Traveling with an Infant

We just returned from our first real vacation with little Moneybaby.  Sure it was nothing more than a glorified long weekend as far as duration but it did involve a few plane rides, many hours in the car, a few different hotels and some glutinous eating. I can’t lie and say that we weren’t a little nervous heading […]

Our Early Retirement and Income Goals

Early Retirement and Income Goals Going forward this will be a living and breathing document over on Goals page.  As it stands today we are at least a decade away from being able to retire.  Granted it will still be an early retirement, as I am currently 34 and Dr. MoneyMom 32, but there is a […]

July 2017 Blog Traffic Report (1st Month) – 1,091 Page views!!!

Welcome to the first monthly stats roundup for Money by Dad.  The domain and blog were initially born on June 28th but my first post wasn’t until July 8th so we’re going to go with round numbers here and just post a July roundup. I’m not gonna lie it’s been a pretty crazy first month. […]

How to be an awesome parent and rock your side hustle

Let’s face it, parents. Spending all day wiping noses, tying shoes, dropping the kiddo off at daycare, cleaning the house and doing everything else that comes with being a parent leaves you wiped out.  Add time on top of that to catch up on new Netflix shows, work out, go out with friends and anything […]

Baby on the Way? 5 tips for Maximizing Your Maternity or Paternity Leave

Show of hands – How many of you moms and dads have access to paid paternity or maternity leave? I can’t actually see any of you but I’m guessing there aren’t many hands being raised. Paternity and Maternity leave in the US sucks It really does. There are so many studies, I think I was […]